Recrafting writing a check

How are you going to use the feedback that the group or your partner has given you? What will you include or exclude to ensure that your readers consider these points? This process of reflecting on the text and recrafting it is sometimes called revising and editing What was that recent feedback on your writing that you wanted to act on?

Often, but not always, writers decide to present their text to others, for example, by publishing it in written form. What has the writer done? Student writers need direct instruction from their teacher as they learn to use the writing processes and strategies. Indicators Forms and communicates ideas and information clearly, drawing on a range of sources Forms and communicates ideas and information clearly, drawing on a range of sources What do I need to know?

This often leads to recrafting making changes to their text if the writer thinks of a way to meet their purpose more effectively, clarify their meaning, or give their writing more impact. During editing with one of the students Frank she talked with him about some of the significant language features of his writing.

Is there enough or too much support to each topic sentence? Learners ask, "Who is my audience? Did I avoid sexist language? What do I want them to know?

Level 4 — Speaking, writing, presenting Level 4 — Speaking, writing, presenting Processes and strategies integrate sources of information, processes, and strategies confidently to identify, form, and express ideas.

Do you think you need to make any more changes to meet your writing purpose better or to make a direct connection with your audience?


Reread your draft writing carefully and think about any revisions that might help your reader to understand your writing more clearly. I want you to observe and think carefully about all the changes that I make to my draft.

How did you feel when you were actually going up the steps? They need planned, explicit instruction. They analyse and evaluate ideas and information as they clarify their intentions, choose vocabulary, compose, and recraft their work.

Maybe you need to look again at the explanation that we wrote together to see how to express cause and effect clearly.Level 4 – Speaking, writing, presenting.

The Stages of Writing

Processes and strategies writers continually reflect on what they write. They reread their text again and again, both as they write and after writing. This often leads to recrafting (making changes to their text) if the writer thinks of a way to meet their purpose more effectively, clarify their.

Proofreading and recrafting are important parts of the writing process. When we proofread, we are looking to fix up our spelling, punctuation and check our writing makes sense.

Level 4 – Speaking, writing, presenting

Recrafting is all about improving and enhancing our writing by adding, removing, or moving words or sentences. Any writing course teaches that writing is an activity that takes time and cannot be treated as a one-step affair. They also know that readers expect much more than just correct grammar ; they expect interesting, clearly written, and well organized content.

Supporting the writing process

At present we are recrafting nearly 60, pairs of shoes each year and we have a staff of over 30 people dedicated to the service. Allen Edmonds Reborn in the USA. Paul Grangaard. Why am I writing about this now? Because this month of May we mark an incredible milestone at Allen Edmonds when we finish recrafting our one millionth pair.

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Recrafting writing a check
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